Devastation was established in 1997. Before turning into one of Buffalo New York's phenomenal dance company and teams they began as a drill team. Operating on God's will and donations this organization changed many lives.

At risk youth from all areas of Buffalo enjoy being a part of Devastation. Also known by many for there lavish colors Pink and Black, Devastation nurtures, educates and mentors many, which is why they are a key community organization many recommend.

This particular organization runs as a family. Stepping in to partner with families in need Devastation helps fill gaps. Problem solving, skill building, discipline, and self worth are some of the key essentials students develop. Aside from there well known successful competitive attributes, they take there artistic style serious. Using all of the aspects mentioned, routines are developed.

Pictured below is the CEO, Founder and Director Ms. Tamee Ebo. Her will, power and dream has saved many lives including her own. She has always cared for others. Her favorite saying is "Kids don't ask to be here". When said it is to express how children are effected by the lack there of, of support, finances and other trials and tribulations many suffer from. Her heart is of pure gold.

After battling with Stage III, Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2013, and fighting to for her life, she has given more to these kids on her own then many know. She doesn't care much for the spotlight. Seeing her organization living their dreams, with smiles on their faces is all the reward she cares for!

Season III will be all about expansions and rebuilding. In October of 2017 after 20 years, Devastation for the first time obtained building space that they could call their own. There are many improvements needed in order to continue to provide students with a safe, reasonable, and community accessible place for dancers.

We will have a variety of fundraisers to help us accomplish our goals. The Devastation Dance Company is in need of raising $10,000 for reconstruction expenses. If you would like to make any donations please email

The Devastation Dance Company has sponsorship forms at your request depending on the domination you are willing to donate to this power-house community organization.

Hopefully in viewing our website, you see our purpose and vision. Thank you for reading. We hope that we met all your expectations and that you will support or join our family!

Yours truly!