Meet the Coaches

Ms. Tamee

The Founder est.1997, CEO & Director of The Devastation Dance Company LLC and Not-for-Profit DDC Foundation (Defining Diverse Communities) est.2018

My experience with dance began at a young age of 4. I was honored to have a support system which allowed me to be exposed to Drill, Cheer and Track all while suffering with epilepsy!
My skill set is discipline, encouragement, and leadership! Mentoring works hands on in this business which has been a huge part in our success of 25 years. The passion incorporates the will to achieve. We're huge on Winning but winning within ourselves first!

Dajanae Denise Johnson

Co-Owner and JV (Junior Varsity) Coach.

I was born into this. Since birth I've been apart of Devastation. Drill, Cheer and Dance have been my Goto activities and now skill sets and strength. I currently coach virtual and in person while attending Clark Atlanta University dancing for Onyx Elites as well. My passion is seeing dancers give face, energy and effort while I teach them how to love what they do and show it on the floor!

Sumer McWilson

Varsity Coach with a diverse background of skill. My skill set comes from being introduced to Drill at the age 7, transforming into Cheer, then Dance. I've been with Devastation Dance Company since 2018! I'm great with Pom, visuals and technique.

Valina Reyes coach of Varsity juniors and Jr Standbattle.

Former member of Devastation.

Her passion is to provide community awareness and mentoring. Her strength is finding missing elements and adding wow factors into routines. With 13 years of experience coaching Valina keeps Devastation well known in the community.

De'Marr Hayes

Former Varsity Member of DDC, now Coach in training

Dance has been a big part of my life since I was young. Once I was given the opportunity to join Devastation Dance Company I was given the chance to improve my skill set. Now I'm in training as a Standbattle coach and looking forward to other opportunities.

Dajion Johnson

Varsity and Mini Standbattle Coach.

Since birth music and dance has been a thing. After auditioning for Americas Next Best Dance Crew in 2010 I knew that my creative passion was grand. Choreography is my talent and skill set. I've been with DDC since 2018; with over 20 years of experience.

Deja Gwa

A Buffalo born and raised performer and teacher for over 30 years. My skill set is in Technique and performance quality.Recently added to Devastations coaching team for the mini squad I enjoy that age group the most. It's important for our youth to learn, develop and understand dance history and art!