Enjoy community and competition in Buffalo, NY. The Devastation Dance Company hosts and performs in local dance events. When not hosting, our dance company travels and competes in various dance competitions.

Get in touch with us for more information on our schedule of performances and events. We take pride in our community and are available for showcases & performances. Please contact us for booking rates.

Learn more about our events and performances

You'll love The Devastation Dance Company's dance events in Buffalo, NY. Our events and performances include:

  • ☆The Queen City Showdown: is a privately hosted competition held in June each year.
  • ☆Dance competitions: we travel to compete in various majorette and hip-hop divisions
  • ☆Recital: this May showcase allows students to show off their new skills and routines
  • ☆Community Events: DDC can be booked for various events on and off-season.

For competitions, parents and guardians will be provided with the schedule in advance so you can make the necessary arrangements for you and your child.

Join us as we celebrate healthy competition and foster community through dance.

Call or text 716-249-7666 today to chat with us.